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August 18, 2008

LG 600: Double Minutes on the LG 600

Just in time for the back to school rush, TracFone has released a new LG phone that also includes its popular 'Double Minutes for Life' promotion.

The LG 600 has all the standard features (like text messaging, voice mail, 3 way calling, etc.) but also has a VGA camera, Bluetooth capability, 32 pre-loaded ringtones, and even a flashlight. This is TracFone's second Bluetooth-enabled release this summer.

The phone is currently available for $79.99, including Double Minutes for Life (a $49.99 value) FREE.

Double Minutes means that you get one free minute for each minute purchased, for the life of this LG phone.

This package also qualifies for free ground shipping.

Get an LG 600 phone for $79.99 and receive double minutes for life!

Tracfone is the largest prepaid wireless carrier in the country with over 12 million subscribers and in order to get the best bang for your buck - you need to be a smart shopper! This double minutes for life promotion will be great for you, if you plan on keeping your Tracfone.

If you plan to be a short term user, depending on how long you plan to use your phone, this may not be the best deal for you. Remember, the deal for double minutes for life will work only on the phone you get through this offer. (If you change phones, it is likely that the double minutes deal will not be able to move with you to a new Tracfone.)

Still though, this is a smoking deal for the LG 600.

Get an LG 600 phone for $79.99 and receive double minutes for life!