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Google Glass: Wear The Internet On Your Face

Recently spoofed on Saturday Night Live, and the object of many a Tumbler page, the new Google Glass is thought of by some to be the first step in what will become a movement toward wearable technology.


What Is It?
Google glass looks kind of like a set of chemistry goggles without the lenses. A device positioned on one side allows the wearer to see what is supposed to be a subtle screen. The wearer can talk to Glass, asking it to take a picture or a video, or can see directions or information on the screen. These actions can also be done manually by touching the top or the side of the Glass device. Currently, Glass is only available as a prototype. Anyone who is interested in testing it must submit an application at Google Glass's start page

What Are The Concerns?
*Physical: I'm imagining people walking around with splitting headaches and screwy vision from having a screen in front of their eyes all day long, or people with dorky-looking glasses walking out into traffic because they're distractedly looking up movie reviews.

*Psychological: Our current technology fixation is thought to create barriers between people. The smart phone is considered to take away from the richness of human relationships. So is it a good idea to wear your smart phone on your head? Maybe not. One can easily imagine a guy sitting across from his wife and watching the game via Google Glass while he nods absently at her conversation.

Google Glass implies a constancy of technology - you won't ever need to set your smart phone down to do anything. Your device will now function like a part of your body. It seems socially unhealthy, and I'm sure that psychologists will have a lot to say about it in the near future.

*Privacy: Right now, only a handful of folks are using the Google Glass prototypes. Many of the people that they pass on the street don't know what the heck the wearer has on his or her face, let alone that the device has a camera on it. This could turn into a big problem in public restrooms, gym locker-rooms and other places where people expect relative privacy.
Also, the Google Glass start page doesn't say much about how secure a connection Glass provides for the user. Will you be able to safely shop online with Glass? As of yet, that is unclear.

*Fashion: The first Glass prototype is pretty silly looking. It looks like something really nerdy out of a star-trek episode. However, the first cell phones looked like cinderblocks, so I'm sure that as wearable technology evolves, it will be sleeker and more fashionable in appearance.

Welp, wearable technology is finally here. All we can do now is sit back and see how it turns out.

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