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Prepaid cell Phones - THE TRACFONE!

Tracfone Promotional Code
"$50 off the Motorola 60i with the purchase of a Double Minute Card. Only $199.98" Describes Tracfone this way
TracFone calling range - national (roaming not included)

The TracFone prepaid cell phone service plan lets you call throughout TracFone's nationwide network, with no additional fees for long distance service.

Included Minutes: Units good for 10 local or 5 roaming

An example of a TracFone plan includes 10 airtime units; good for 10 minutes worth of local calling (billed at one unit per minute) or 5 minutes of roaming (billed at two units per minute), or any combination of local and roaming totaling 10 airtime units.  But you can purchase more or less than that through TracFone and through your fone.

This plan offers no reduced fee for calls made between two TracFone cell phone plan subscribers.

Services and products included at no additional fee

A Nokia 5165 cell phone and access to the TracFone nationwide long distance network is available at no additional cost to the by-minute rate.  This is done when you purchase individual TracFone phone cards.  With TracFone, you'll also get voice mail, caller ID, call waiting, and text messaging. There is no monthly fee, deposit, or credit check with TracFone.

Services Available for an additional, per-use fee

Calls cost between $0.10 and $0.50 per minute, depending on the type of pre-paid TracFone phone card you use.  TracFone Prepaid Wireless Airtime cards are available online or at over 60,000 retailers nationwide.

TracFone Plan Duration: n/a

Calls are paid for with prepaid phone cards, sold separately and refillable by TracFone and most cell phone retail outlets.


So here's what thinks is cool about the prepaid cell phone offered by TracFone

#1.  You spend only what you want, by tracking your airtime balance right on the phone display.  You only pay for minutes as you need them. Unlike most plans, you keep your minutes and they do not expire, with active service.

#2.  You can Buy more
TracFone Prepaid Wireless Airtime cards as you need them. If you run low on minutes, purchase and add more cards. To keep your TracFone service active, you must purchase and add a TracFone Prepaid Wireless Airtime every 60 or 365 days, depending on the card denomination.  Add airtime before your due date and your remaining minutes and service days will rollover and be added to your phone, up to 90 days.

#3.  Every
TracFone contains the Airtime Balance Display that shows how many minutes you use, how many minutes are left and when you need to purchase and add more airtime, so you control your costs.

#4.  TracFone comes with everything that you need to get started. The TracFone box includes a wireless phone, battery and charger. It also includes 60 days of active service.

In short, we think that TracFone makes prepaid cell phone calling simple.  Click here to get your TracFone

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Prepaid cell phone TracFone

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