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Cheapest and best cell and prepaid calling plans

You've asked to tell you about the cheapest ways to do prepaid calling.  There are a few kinds of prepaid calling services, so to better serve you, we've organized this page into three categories:

Our Advice

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This page covers these three topics for carriers like T Mobile, Enjoyprepaid, Verizon, Nextel, Cricket, Sprint PCS, ATT (A T and T), Cingular, Nokia, Virgin, and MCI.

So that we don't recommend something to you that you don't need or want, we need you to make a selection from the list below.

Prepaid Phone Service
(Prepaid calling service plans for home phones)
Prepaid Cell Phone Service
(Prepaid service plans for wireless, mobile, and cellular phones)
Prepaid Phone Cards
(Prepaid calling cards for calling within the US, and from country to country)


Prepaid Phone Service
If you're willing to have prepaid phone service, (i.e. pay for your phone service up front) will offer you cheaper prepaid phone rates than many phone card and calling card companies, and you won't have to dial a PIN number.  This includes calls to land phone lines and cell phones

cheapest prepaid phone service


Prepaid SIM Cards (for Cell Phones)
Prepaid SIM cards can typically be purchased from US $17 to US $79 and nearly every time include free incoming calls originating from anywhere in the world. With international roaming rates, from Nextel and other domestic carriers, that start at $0.99 and quickly approach $3, a prepaid SIM card is a very attractive alternative. A cell phone rental offers similar service as international roaming but with higher airtime rates and the addition of a $99/week handset rental charge. When you compare the airtime rates at US $60+/hour, a prepaid SIM card is clearly a bargain that often pays for itself after just 30 minutes of use.

Roaming SIM cards are an excellent choice for travelers planning to visit multiple countries. Roaming SIM cards offer the simplicity of having a single SIM card and phone number that works in a large number of countries around the world.

Learn more about Prepaid SIM Cards
and get cheap Sim card rates


Prepaid cell phone service plan
We get emails all the time from people asking us where they can find a free prepaid cell phone.  The answer is that we don't know where you can get a free prepaid cell phone.  If you know of any kind of free prepaid phone service, please contact us.  Outside of that, here is our advice for finding the best prepaid cell phone plan for carriers like T Mobile, Verizon, Nextel, Cricket, Sprint PCS, ATT (A T and T), Cingular, Nokia, Virgin, and MCI:

Use the searches available at,, and They will allow you to find the cheapest and best cell phone service plan for your area.  As you may know, the problem with purchasing a mobile phone on the internet is that you wonder whether or not it has coverage in your area.  These sites have taken that fear away by letting you search for a prepaid cell phone plan by your ZIP code, which will ensure that you have the best coverage on your new phone.

Click here to search by your zip code or city
for the best prepaid cell phone service plan for you


  Free Cell Phone In 60 Seconds!


Prepaid Phone Cards/Prepaid calling cards
There are many different options for prepaid phone cards, whether you're calling within the US, calling from the US to an international location, or calling from an international location to the US (or any other international location. recommends that you do one of three things to find the best prepaid calling card for wherever you're calling.

1.  Use's search to search for your calling destination  (chances are that we have done research on the country or location you are calling and have already found the cheapest prepaid calling card option).  Search for your calling destination.

2.  Do the research yourself, by going to the Calling Card comparison page.  (The page may take about 20 seconds to load, so please be patient.)  Then use the calling card searches to find the company which offers you the cheapest prepaid calling card rates.

3.  In our experience, has most of the best rates on prepaid calling cards, so chances are pretty good that if you use Noblecom's prepaid calling card search, that you will find the cheapest rates for where you want to call.
(Check out the details for each of the cards offered by Noblecom.  Our recommendation for most international locations is to buy the prepaid calling cards that give you fewer minutes. This might not make sense initially, but you may want to do this because the prepaid calling cards that give you less minutes will round your call to the nearest minute or second.  The calling cards with more minutes will round your call to the nearest 2 minutes or nearest 3 minutes. In our Noblecom usage experience, the prepaid calling cards that cost more per minute actually end up giving you more time on the card, because of this per minute/per second rounding.)


You've asked to tell you about the cheapest ways to do prepaid calling.  We hope that this page has helped you to help find the cheapest prepaid phone service, prepaid cell phone plans, and prepaid calling cards.



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