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Cheapest Long Distance Advice for calls within America

What is the cheapest way to make a long distance call in America?  The answer is...

(drum roll please)


It depends on many factors

  • Does cheap long distance exist where you live (in most cases-yes)

  • What is your current long distance rate

  • How often do you call long distance

  • For how many phone lines do you want your long distance rate

Cheap long distance rates depend mostly on you and your long distance calling habits and preferences.  And that's good news.

At the bottom of every page on is a link to a web site called Lower Phone Bills.  If you haven't ever been there, you should click and go.  It is an amazing tool which will find you cheap long distance rates.  These rates are based  not only on where you live, but also on where you call long distance and how many long distance phone lines you have.

Lower Phone Bills searches rates from several long distance carriers.  Some of these carriers offer unlimited long distance for a fixed monthly rate.  Here's a sampling of the companies BillZilla compares in its cheap long distance rate search.

You could search every one of these carriers' long distance rates yourself, trying to find the cheapest rate, but Lower Phone Bills offers you a side-by-side comparison of all of these carriers and their long distance rates for your particular calling habits.

Cheapest Long Distance search

BillZilla's long distance rate finder is really the best tool available online today (at least that knows of).  You've asked for's advice on cheap long distance rates, and our advice is to go to Lower Phone Bills's cheap long distance rate finder.

or, you can see's review of cheap long distance services

What is the cheapest international long distance rate for international calls


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