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Calling Cards and Calling advice
Calling Cards and Calling advice

Cheap international calls to and from Germany
Germany calling cards

cheap calling card calls to Germany

This page explains the cheapest ways to make phone calls to and from Germany.  If you simply want a cheap rate on a calling card to make calls to Germany, use the calling card search box below.

Based on the experience of, the cheapest and most reliable calling cards can be found through
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(Check out the details for each of the cards offered by Noblecom.  Our recommendation is to buy the calling cards that give you fewer minutes. This might not make sense initially, but you may want to do this because the calling cards that give you less minutes will round your call to the nearest minute or second.  The calling cards with more minutes will round your call to the nearest 2 minutes or nearest 3 minutes. In our Noblecom usage experience, the calling cards that cost more per minute actually end up giving you more time on the card, because of this per minute/per second rounding.)

Calling instructions for calls to Germany
The Prefix, or calling code, or routing number, or country code (this goes by many names) for calling Germany, is +49.

Other city codes for calling Germany include

  • Achim 241
  • Augsburg 821
  • Baden-Baden 7221
  • Bayreuth 921
  • Berlin 30
  • Bonn 228
  • Bremen 421
  • Bremerhaven 471
  • Cologne (Koln) 221
  • Dortmund 231
  • Dresden 351
  • Dussledorf 211
  • Essen 201
  • Frankfurt 69
  • Friedrichshafen 7541
  • Hamburg 40
  • Hanover 511
  • Heidelberg 6221
  • Hof 9281
  • Karlsruhe 721
  • Kassel 561
  • Kiel 431
  • Koblenz 261
  • Leipzig 341
  • Magdeburg 391
  • Muenster 6071
  • Munich 89
  • Nurnberg 911
  • Oberhausen 208
  • Pforzheim 7231
  • Solingen 212
  • Stuttgart 711
  • Trier 651
  • Wiesbaden 611
  • Wuerzburg 931

How to make a phone call direct to Germany from America:

dial 011+ 49 + (City Code) + (NUMBER).  But don't call direct unless you want to spend a lot of money.  Use a calling card or a prepaid phone service instead.

Prepaid Phone Service
If you're willing to have prepaid phone service, will offer you cheaper rates to Germany than many phone card and calling card companies, and you won't have to dial a PIN number.  This includes calls to LAN phone lines and Germany cell phones

Pre-paid calling as cheap as Germany calling cards

Some great phone cards for calling from Germany to the USA can also be found through's calling card search.


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