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Calling to and from Connecticut

Connecticut area codes
Connecticut local phone service
Connecticut cell phones and providers
Connecticut phone cards

The best way to find cheap calls for Connecticut area codes:

Go to the Lower Phone Bills phone rate search  This site lets you search by area code and local phone number.
If you are in Connecticut (or, for that matter, any other U.S. state or area code,) you can find the cheapest rates for your area code simply by entering your phone number.

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Connecticut Area codes

Connecticut area codes

Connecticut has 4 area codes.  They are 203, 475,860, and 959. For more information about the specific area covered by these area codes, check out area codes listed by number.


Connecticut phone service

If you want to find a cheap Connecticut phone service, try this search for your Connecticut phone number.  It will let you compare phone service rates from 11different companies, most of which offer local phone service in Connecticut.  You can ask questions and sign up for services right from the site.

Connecticut phone service search


Connecticut cell phones

The best Connecticut cell phone service can be found by using the cell phone search at  It compares Connecticut cell phone rates from many cell phone service providers.  You will find the best cell phone deal for your area.

Cell phone service search


Stait phone cards

If you'd like to find a cheap Connecticut calling card for phone calls to or from Connecticut, try this phone card search.

Connecticut calling cards


If you're looking for the Connecticut phone book or residential listings for Connecticut, check out's residential and business listings.

This has been's cheapest ways to call to and from Connecticut.

If you'd like to search for cheap calling to and from a different state, go to the state directory.  If you'd like to search for international calls (including instructions, go to the world countries directory.



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