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Best affiliate programs
Calling cards, phone cards, and credit cards

In the United States alone, calling card sales generate more than 4 billion dollars per year. By 2010, annual revenue is forecasted to reach over 10 Billion dollars! Join this new and fast trend by signing up for a phone card affiliate program and enable your visitors to buy their calling cards through you.  Cash in on what's going on in the affiliate program market.

SIDE NOTE:affiliate program directory calling cards phone cards
Some people who come to this page are looking specifically for phone and calling card affiliate programs.  Other webmasters end up on this page because they are simply looking for good affiliate programs.  We thought that a bit of explanation was in order. 

First of all, all of these programs are free affiliate programs.  (None of them cost to join.)  The first few affiliate programs which appear on this page are phone card and calling card affiliate programs.  They are all very good programs and ones which we have earned money from personally (otherwise we wouldn't recommend them on our "best affiliate programs" page.  After that are a couple of our favorite affiliate program directory sites (i.e. sites that are a directory for choosing from among many affiliate programs).  What follows after that are a few affiliate programs, which we have highlighted, because of their high quality customer service and great payouts.

SpeedyPin Affiliate Program
SpeedyPin International Prepaid Phone Cards has developed the highest paying affiliate program in the phonecard industry.  Whether you already have a Web site or not, this affiliate program is easier to launch than any other.  There is also the ability to earn commissions from affiliates who you refer to Speedypin's program.  Not only can you earn on your own online marketing efforts, but you can also earn based on the efforts of anyone who signs up through you.  Among many other benefits of this program, one of the things likes about the SpeedyPin Affiliate Program is the ability to co-brand.  What that means is that when a visitor goes from to the SpeedyPin affiliate page, they still see the logo.  This builds brand recognition over time.  We highly recommend the SpeedyPin Affiliate Program.

Cognigen is opportunity. Since 1992, they have been helping people just like you earn stable, steady paychecks.  Cognigen is a business that offers products and services that people need and use everyday, for less. The prices that the Cognigen affiliate program offers for phone cards and phone products are really some of the best and 100% of Cognigen affiliates/agents either make money or break even, because there is no up-front investment to join.

Click and watch a Flash presentation about the Cognigen agent/affiliate program.

Click here to sign up for the Cognigen agent/affiliate program. affiliate program
The affiliate program has a good understanding of the market and understands that everyone needs a calling card from time to time.  This phone card affiliate program through is good because understands market trends.  Like most affiliate programs, you make money every time someone buys a calling card from you, through your affiliate site set up by affiliate program offers affiliates training.  Their affiliate program focuses around products which deal mostly with the financial industry, including credit cards and loans.  When you are a part of their affiliate program, you have the company's marketing software, RAPS� (Reseller Affiliate Program Software).  They teach you how to market primarily through search engines.  This means that you won't get just website hits.  Your visitors will be consumers actively "seeking" that particular product or service. This website "seeker" traffic is 4-20 times more likely to purchase than the banner surfer.


(Other good affiliate programs)

Commission Junction
In our humble opinion, this is the best affiliate program, or top affiliate program directory (whatever you want to call it) online right now.  Commission Junction's affiliate program is the best because they have such a comprehensive directory of high quality pay-per-performance affiliates/advertisers.  The CJ directory site also offers incredible tools for tracking the traffic you have sent to the programs for which you are an affiliate. affiliate program
The Affiliates Program is a great way to make money with your website.  It's an affiliate program which lets you sell some really great posters on your web site!  You can become an ecommerce specialist without knowing about all the background stuff to make ecommerce work.  Link to and earn 20%-25% of every purchase made by your site visitors at their website. You can link to from a selection of over hundreds of thousands poster and art print images, as well as poster stores and mini stores. They have posters related to just about everything (e.g. movies, music, sports, art, animals) so no matter what the content of your site is, you will find images that are a good fit. It�s easy to sign-up, track your sales, and build links because, like most good affiliate programs, the affiliate program site generates the HTML code for you.

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