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Mother's Day � North America

"Mother's Day has flourished in the United States. In fact, the second Sunday of May has become the most popular day of the year to dine out, and telephone lines record their highest traffic, as sons and daughters everywhere take advantage of this day to honor and to express appreciation of their mothers" (

Mother's Day 2003 is May 11.

You've asked for's advice for what to do for Mom on Mother's Day.  Our advice is that the best gift you can give your Mother on Mother's day is to call her!  After all, some nice trinket or flowers are nice, but what she really wants for a gift is to see you.  If she can't see you, at least give her the gift of letting her hear your voice.

If you insist on the gift of Flowers, has placed a few links to Mother's Day flower retailers lower on this page so that you can give the gift you always give, flowers.  Or try even further down the page if you're in the market for something a little more unique. appreciates that you love your mother and want to show her that you had an original idea for a Mother's Day gift.  But if you can't come up with anything for a gift, at least save yourself some money this Mother's Day when calling your mother.

Here are the cheapest Calling options for Mother's Day 2003, because after all, after 36 hours of labor, Mom expects your call--3�/min.

best rate calculator on mothers day gift page
Lets you find the best rate based on your phone number. 

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Call Mom for 3�/min.


mothers day flowers

Mother's Day Flowers
Online gift idea for your mother

So you're still going to send Mom flowers for Mother's Day, huh?  Alright.  Well, here are some inexpensive and quality Mother's Day flower sites so that you can save a little bit on your not-so-unique, but still very thoughtful, gift.

Don't feel bad for sending flowers instead of a more unique gift.  Mr. Jones down the street didn't even call his mom.

mother day flowers from Flowers Fast - The Popular Online Florist      unique mothers day flowers - Just Flowers     gift - mothers day flowers - Flowers Across America


Unique mother's day gift idea

If you're not satisfied with the gift of flowers for Mother's Day, you can look for Mother's Day gift ideas at

Mother's Day gift ideas at


And yet another mother's day gift idea

Out of ideas for a mothers day gift?  One more place to look.  Try looking for a Mother's day gift at Ebay.  It's a bit out there we realize, but might give you that unique gift you're looking for. 

 eBay Mother's Day gift ideas


You've asked for's advice for what to do for Mom on Mother's Day.  Our advice is that the best gift you can give your Mother on Mother's day is to call her!

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers visiting this page.  (If it's not Mother's Day when you visit, just remember on Mother's Day, that wishes you a wonderful Mother's Day!


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