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How to make international calls from the US

You've asked for's advice on how to make international calls from the US to anywhere in the world. advises  you with a simple explanation of how to make international phone calls from the US to anywhere in the world.


Simple instructions:
How to make an International phone call
Dial the international calling number (011 from the US)
then the country code,
then the phone number.

For an example, calling Karlsruhe, Germany would go something like this:

011, (International calling code)

then 49 (Germany country code)

then 721 (Karlsruhe city code)

then the number.  In Germany, some numbers are 7 digits, but mobile/cell phones/handys (as they are called in German) can have 8 or 9 digits in the number.  Some countries can have phone numbers with only 4 or 5 digits.  Just something to keep in mind if it's different than you expect it to be (with the 7 digit standardization here in the U.S.)

If you were to call this way from your home phone, you would be dialing long distance to Germany directly.  When doing this, you can be charged over (overcharged) $1.00/minute.'s webmaster even got an email from a guy who said he'd been charged $6.00/minute by one of the large phone companies (but their identity has been protected because they do offer cheap calling as well).

As we tell you in many places on this site, International (and national) calling can be very cheap.  So use the advice on these pages and find out how to make international calling less expensive for yourself.  It will probably take you about 10 minutes to find a good calling card or calling plan, sign up for it, and be able to use it in a couple of days or a couple of seconds (most of the calling cards featured on this site cal send a PIN number right to your email account.  As soon as you receive this PIN and dialing number, you're on your way).  That is a very small inconvenience if it saves you even 10% on what you currently spend for national and international calling.

To get the cheapest rates on national and international phone calls, use the calling card link to the right and the other pages within

To reach the AT&T International Operator, dial "00". If you are calling to a country with an 809 or 808 country code, do not need to dial 011, but you do need to dial 1.

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