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CellPhoneShop Review and Coupons

CellPhoneShop Coupon Code
Save 10% on any purchase over $20. When you click the link below.
then enter coupon code EASTP10

One thing that people really like about CellPhoneShop is that the company offers what they call their lowest price guarantee.

Essentially, this means that they review pricing around the Internet, and will match whatever price exists on a comparable item. If there is a lower price available when they are reviewing prices, they will reduce your order price an additional 10%.

You have to email CellPhoneShop to get the discount, but it's definitely worth it for them to get you the 10% extra discount.

We also found in our review that Cellphoneshop has pricing that is HIGHLY competitive. Of course, with a 10% policy like they have, they would have to be aggressive on how low they can price all of their cell phones and accessories.

And competitive they are.

The lowest price guarantee works for all prices on, as long as the pricing is on an exact model matching cell phone or other item which hasn't been used and is still in the new packaging.

And because it's the Internet, and for the time being, CellPhoneShop customers pay no sales tax. For now, that seems to continue working well for CellPhoneShop. We'll review this again in a year or so and see if they still are able to not charge sales tax.

All orders from CellPhoneShop cost just US$4.99 in shipping, regardless of where they are shipped to around the planet. Normally it will take about 5-7 days to get an order from CellPhoneShop, though it can take more time just depending on variations within the postal system. (If you want to get your order faster, CellPhoneShop does offer you the ability to have your order shipped via FedEx. You just can't have a PO Box if you want them to ship your cell phone via FedEx.

FedEx priority delivery service is US$17.99 per order. Delivery time is about 2 days. This service is available for the following countries: United States Continental and Canada (except Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Northern Mariana Islands). This is not available for any P.O. Box address.

CellPhoneShop accepts payments through PayPal, which is always a nice thing, but they will also be happy to accept an order form you if you have an Amex, Visa, or Mastercard. It's smartest to order online when you buy anything from CellPhoneShop, because if you buy over the phone, they will charge you an extra $2.

Our review of CellPhoneShop is positive, and we hope you enjoy saving a little money there with this coupon code.

CellPhoneShop Coupon Code
Save 10% on any purchase over $20. When you click the link below.
then enter coupon code EASTP10

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