August 08, 2013

3 Weird New Apps

For Hard-Core Bieber Fans:

If you've ever wanted to wake up with Justin Bieber, this new app might be for you. This alarm app allows the user to select a Bieber song from their existing library to play as a wake-up alarm. The user is then prompted to tweet about his or her dream with the twitter hashtag #unlockthedream. The app is a marketing vehicle for Bieber's new fragrance, "The Key." The sultry television commercial promoting the new fragrance also promotes the #unlockthedream hastag. To get this free app, go to Google Play and type something like, "The Key Bieber."

For The VERY Easily Amused:

Are you a sucker for dumb cell phone games? Does your phone have Gorilla Glass? Yeah? Then this app might be for you.

The Send Me To Heaven app, by Norwegian developer CarrotPop, is basically a game to see how high into the air you can throw your phone. The app is based on a fact that you've probably never even wondered about - that most phones have an accelerometer in them. When you toss your phone into the air, the SMTH app measure the time in which your phone is in free fall. You get points for your tosses.

This app has so far become ridiculously popular, with competitions taking place and some folks inventing special slingshots to send their phones rocketing into the air. The app is available free for Android on Google Play, where the developers make a disclaimer that they are not responsible for damages to users' phones. They also ask that users are careful not to injure others. While there is no number currently available suggesting how many users have broken phones playing SMTH so far, it will be interesting to see how many broken phones will be attributed to the app in the near future. There is no SMTH app for iPhone because Apple does not endorse apps that will, in all likelihood, cause irreparable damage to the device.

For REALLY Hungry People:

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June 14, 2013

New Phone Battery Technology

Smart phones have a lot to offer that older model cell phones might not - apps that are fun or practical, internet at your fingertips, and more. However, older models can often boast better battery life because less power is needed to simply text and make phone calls. In fact, too-short battery life is one of the main problems reported by smart phone users. While battery technology has not evolved as quickly as one might like, there are a couple of companies who are trying to find a solution.

Solar Screen Batteries:


French startup SunPower Group is developing an attachable smart-phone screen that can extend the life of smartphone batteries up to 20% by harnessing solar power. The screen includes a layer of solar cells underneath a layer of specially designed lenses. The overlay is now about 82% transparent, and the company is aiming for 90% transparency in the future.

This design is considered an improvement over older versions of the solar phone, namely Samsung's Crest Solar model which was released in India in 2009. An hour of sunlight would allow this model 5-10 minutes of talk time. The phone's Achille's heel may have been that the solar cells were on the back of the phone - forcing users to keep their phone face-down (and preventing them from looking at their screen), for hours at a time. With the solar cells positioned over the screen, the user won't encounter this problem.

This new technology should also be relatively inexpensive for consumers.

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May 31, 2013

FCC Hasn't Set Cell Phone Radiation Standards Since 1996

After years of urging by the Environmental Working Group and others, the FCC very recently announced their plan to review cell phone radiation standards, which have not been revised since 1996. The revision will involve the FCC reaching out to health professionals and other agencies for current data on how radiation from cell phones affects the human body.

fcc logo.jpg

Every cell phone has a specific absorption rate (SAR) that refers to the amount of radio frequency energy that the body absorbs when a person is using the handset. The current limit in the United States is set at a maximum SAR level of 1.6 watts per kilogram. Different phones have different SAR values, and those rates can be affected by factors like transmission band and phone model.

Different bodies may absorb radio frequency energy at different rates as well, with children being especially susceptible due to their thinner skulls and still-developing bodies. Most available SAR research has been done on voice calls rather than data usage.

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May 09, 2013

Textastrophe Will Make You Rethink Your Craigslist Ad

I've always thought that posting your phone number online is a really bad idea. Putting your digits up publicly is a really way to get creeped on, or to get yourself solicited to at all hours of the day by telemarketers. In case you needed one more reason to keep your number private, textastrophe is that reason.

The creator of the website textastrophe, who remains anonymous, takes numbers off of Craigslist ads and fliers and prank-texts their unwitting owners. He posts screenshots of the resulting hilarious and awkward conversations on the textastrophe blog.

The humor is random, irreverant, and in some cases fairly inappropriate and creepy, but it sure is entertaining to look through the archives. The mystery pranker messes with everyone from pet sitters to professional clowns.

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May 02, 2013

Psychology Today Article Defends The Selfie

Being a part of the Myspace generation myself, I'm intimately familiar with what kids these days call, "the selfie." A selfie is a picture that someone takes of him or herself, often on a camera phone, and usually for posting on a social media site like facebook, or originally, Myspace. Taking pictures of oneself in front of a mirror is also commonly referred to as a "Myspace pic."

author selfie.jpg

I may have even been guilty of taking and posting pictures like this of myself, especially in my early college days... and maybe even more recently than that. And the guilt is part of the phenomenon - posters of the "Myspace pic" are often subject to teasing by other social media users, and being poked fun at for being narcissistic. While selfies are sometimes taken by men, women seem to participate in camera phone self-portraiture more frequently. There's also something called a "duck face," which refers to a pouty face made by women while taking a selfie, which is sure to earn social media teasing by facebook friends.

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April 26, 2013

Cell Phone Boom In North Korea

We've been hearing a lot about North Korea lately - mostly in a military and political sense. But what's up with their telecom industry? You may find some of the news surprising.


North Korea's public is largely prohibited from making international calls, their internet access is strictly censored, and according to some reports, calls and texts are regularly subject to government monitoring. However, the number of cell phone users in North Korea has nearly doubled since 2012, and is currently approaching 2 million users.

There are a few possible reasons for the increase.

First, earlier this year, it was announced that tourists visiting North Korea would have full internet access via their smart phones. The offer of 3G disappeared in March, with some exceptions made for resident foreigners, but it's speculated that excitement generated by the offer at that time encouraged cell phone purchases.

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March 24, 2013

Do You Need Cell Phone Rehab?

Do you think it's possible to have an actual addiction to your cell phone? According to some studies, it's a legitimate behavioral (non-substance) addiction. Psychology Today published a recent article about cell-phone addiction among college students, noting that college-age individuals are among the highest in levels of technology use, and that cell phone addiction is primarily based on an individual's predisposition to impulsive and materialistic tendencies.


The instantaneous nature of text messaging is related to impulsiveness.

The materialistic aspect has to do with the cell phone as a status symbol. For people who have a tendency towards materialism, having a fancy phone conveys to others that they are successful and have disposable income. Psychologically, being constantly on their phone proves to others that they are important people that others desire to be in contact with.

Psychology Today also published an article about how cell phone addiction can cause relationship problems. These issues arise when one partner is constantly on his or her phone, and the other partner feels neglected because of it. Think about the fairly recent AT&T iPhone commercial where the couple are at a romantic dinner and the girlfriend accuses him of sneakily checking the score of some game on his phone. He acts astonished and asks her if she thinks he's some kind of "summoner."

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March 08, 2013

Free or Affordable Phones For the Homeless

Folks who have found themselves unemployed during these tough economic times, or otherwise down on their luck, may be able to take advantage of some opportunities to get free or reduced-price cell phones and service.


Assurance Wireless:
Assurance Wireless is a service provided by Virgin Mobile. It's currently available in 39 states to people who qualify for certain government assistance programs or if total income per household meets state requirements (requirements for Assurance Wireless eligibility vary by state). If eligible, the plan includes a free phone, 250 free minutes and 250 free text messages. Assurance Wireless's website claims that users will not be charged any activation fees or have to commit to any type of contract. There are also options to add additional minutes and texting for a small monthly fee. Users must regularly stay in contact with Virgin Mobile to reactivate their eligibility and certain conditions apply. Anyone interested in receiving an assurance wireless phone can fill out an application online or by calling 1-888-898-4888.

ReachOut Wireless:
ReachOut Wireless is provided by Nexus Communications Inc. It may be available to individuals who qualify for government assistance programs or whose household income is at or below 135% of the poverty level of most states. Eligible subscribers will receive a government subsidy in the form of free minutes. They offer both landline plans and cell phone plans, although only one is provided per household. Subscribers are required to re-certify annually. They also offer an affordable pre-paid plan that is unrelated to Lifeline (see information about Lifeline below) For more information, the number for ReachOut Wireless is 1-877-870-9222

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March 02, 2013

Stolen Phone? There's an App for That!

USA Today reported at the end of 2012 that cell phone theft accounted for almost half of all robberies in San Francisco during the year. In fact, cell phone theft seems to have become a huge problem in most major cities. Some thieves are sneaky, snatching them quickly out of open purses or back pockets, and some of them are bold, holding people up at gunpoint and forcibly taking their smart phones or even grabbing them right out of their owners' hands while they're still talking. Many cell phone thefts take place while their owners are using public transportation.


Victims of smart phone theft don't only lose an expensive device, but can be vulnerable to identity theft as well, as smart phones often contain sensitive information - everything from financial information to important passwords. Thieves can sell stolen phones on the black market. By some accounts, cell phone companies have been complicit in black market sales in the past by allowing stolen phones to be reactivated with different phone numbers. More recently, a national database was created to

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February 24, 2013

Mozilla Announces Firefox OS and Firefox Smartphones!

Mozilla recently announced that consumers can expect the release of a Firefox phone, complete with Firefox operating system this summer. According to the Mozilla Project's press release, the OS will offer "the world's first Open Web devices," with applications based on HTML5. The proposed OS has so far received a large amount of industry support from companies who are eager for an alternative to a market dominated by only two forces: Android and iPhone.


Some consumers and developers have questioned why Mozilla would try and introduce another OS into a market that has pushed out everything but Android and iPhone. But just because that's how the market is doesn't mean that it's how it should be. A successful introduction by a reputable company could encourage healthy competition among industry leaders, resulting in better pricing and more options for consumers - all good things.

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February 13, 2013

What's New With Apple?

President Obama gave a tip of the hat to Apple in his recent State of the Union address, mentioning that the company will begin producing a line of Mac computers in the U.S., thus bringing some production home from overseas. In other Apple news:


Price Reduction: Apple is reducing prices on its MacBook Pro with Retina Display. The price of the 13-inch version has been dropped from $1699 to $1499. The price of the 13-inch MacBook air has also been dropped, from $1499 to $1399.

Antitrust Litigation: The Justice Department began litigation last year against Apple and 5 major publishers for violating antitrust laws by working together to raise the prices of e-books (and to keep them higher than discounted prices offered by Amazon).
Just a few days ago, Macmillan became the last of the major publishers to settle the lawsuit, sidestepping an admission of guilt, but stating that the potential risks of going to trial had become too many. Apple, as the only remaining defendant in the case, must also weigh the risks of going to trial, which could result in the company having to pay large amounts in damages.

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February 10, 2013

Tech Academic: Cell Phone Use in Schools

Increasing numbers of high school-age students own cell phones. Whether or not students should be allowed to carry cell phones in schools is the subject of much debate, with both sides on the issue offering relevant points. It's something that every school must consider when developing rules and initiatives on technology use.


Arguments for allowing cell phones in schools:

Bring your own technology initiative: Some schools are considering allowing kids to use the cell phones or tablets that they already own to do schoolwork, including research. The idea is that the school will then provide the technology to students who don't already possess it. That way, the school doesn't have to pay to furnish every student with a device, just those who don't already bring it with them. This would be implemented to help schools keep up in an increasingly technological world, while staying on a budget.

Prohibition Doesn't WorkYoung people as a demographic are very attached to their cell phones, and consequently are prone to breaking whatever rules are made prohibiting cell phone use. Some may argue that allowing them in school will help alleviate some of the time and energy that teachers and authority figures spend on enforcing disciplinary measures related to cell phone use in school.

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February 03, 2013

Teen Cell Phone Use: Sexting and Troubled Friendships

Mobile phone use has become largely ubiquitous in the U.S., especially among young people. According to Nielsenwire, teens remain the top text message-senders among cell phone users. According to a 2011 Nielsen survey, data usage by teens is growing at a rate surpassing that of users in any other demographic, with teen males leading the data usage surge.


In the busy daily life of the modern family, cell phones are a great way for teens to communicate with parents. They're useful to have around in case of an emergency and for safety purposes. However, there are some concerns associated with cell phone use that both parents and young people should be aware of:

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January 23, 2013

Stricter Enforcement Against Texting While Driving is Suggested

With the ability to quickly check facebook, text message, play games, surf the web and do countless other things, cell phones are becoming a bigger and bigger distraction to drivers.


The following statistics have come out about texting while driving:

-Texting while driving makes it 23% more likely that the driver will be involved in an accident.
-Answering a text message takes the driver's eyes off the road for approximately 5 seconds.
-Sending a text impairs a driver to the equivalence of having had 4 beers.

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January 19, 2013

Smarter Health Care, Or Not?

Would you trust your smartphone with your health?


It seems that some people do, with more and more health-related apps becoming popular. There are now apps available for everything from weight loss to maternity tips. People are using apps like iTriage to check their medical symptoms. There are even apps for sexual health and personal hygiene.

While having an easy app on your smartphone might make it easier to manage what you eat or to track your exercise, it may be going too far to use your smartphone as a substitute for a doctor's visit.

The University of Pittsburgh medical center recently did a study of four smartphone apps that are supposed to help users diagnose melanoma.

Most of these apps work by allowing the user to snap a picture of a mole or skin condition. The app then evaluates the condition and informs the user of whether or not he or she has melanoma. While some apps like these send the picture to a board-certified dermatologist, others do not.

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January 05, 2013

10 Million Phones to Nigerian Farmers

Africa is currently experiencing a boom in its telecom industry, with Nigeria leading the market. However, many farmers in rural Nigeria still do not have access to mobile phones, which can impede their productivity. Farmers need quick access to information in order to be competitive.


Without this access, they can also be susceptible to corruption. Nigerian farmers experienced corruption related to fertilizer for years before the federal government started using cell phones to reach farmers through a program called Growth Enhancement Support which helped eliminate conniving middlemen.

Recently, the Nigerian government, with support from the Universal Service Provision Fund, announced that they will be launching a new initiative to finance the giving of 10 million cell phones to farmers, with 5 million going to women.

Farming employs 70 percent of the working population of Nigeria, but mostly in small-scale or subsistence operations. Large scale operations have been discouraged, in part, by

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December 30, 2012

Gender and Cell Phones

In the U.S., cell phones have become a huge part of our lives - to such an extent that we forget that this form of technology is not as prevalent in other parts of the world, for minority groups or for the underprivileged.

Village Council in India Bans Cell Phones for Women

Earlier this month, the village council of Sunderbari Village in Bihar, India, banned the use of cell phones by women. The council apparently enacted the ban in response to an increase in the number of elopements by young women. The council believed that cell phones were being used to arrange elopements and explained that elopements were "embarrassing" for the community. The measure will be enforced by a fine.

Opponents of the ban argue that women need access to cell phones for safety purposes and in case of an emergency.


Gender Gap

An initiative launched in 2010 called mWomen would agree with these opponents, adding that cell phone technology can make it easier for women, especially underprivileged women and those in developing countries, to become employed and to excel in their professions. mWomen is seeking to address what it calls the "mobile phone gender gap."

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December 14, 2012

How to Donate or Recycle Old Cell Phones

Whether you're getting an upgrade, your contract is up and you're ready for a change, or you've found a great holiday deal and you're treating yourself to the latest mobile device, you may be wondering about how to safely and effectively dispose of your old phone.

When electronics are dumped in landfills or improperly disposed of, harmful chemicals can be released into the environment. Some states even have laws against simply throwing away old electronics. For these reasons, recycling or donating your used device is a great option.


First, you need to make sure that the old phone no longer contains any of your personal information. Phones can contain anything from personal photos to passwords and bank account information. How to wipe a phone's internal memory clean and restore it to factory settings can be specific to each device, so consult your user manual or contact your provider to find out how to do this.

Phones usually also have a SIM card or similar memory device. Remove this card from the phone.

Also, make sure you've deleted any apps from the phone and cancelled your service. You also may need to remove the battery from your cell phone because some batteries may have to be recycled seperately.

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December 10, 2012

Cell Phone Tips From a Disgruntled Waitress

I've worked in various restaurants for seven years - first as a dishwasher, then as a hostess and server. I've worked in sports bars, fine dining and even at a theme park diner for two summers during college. I feel as though I've seen every form of bad behavior from restaurant guests, from drunken fights between customers to guests groping each other at tables. But perhaps the worst and most frequent dining faux pas that I've seen from guests is talking on their cell phones when restaurant staff is trying to help them.

Almost every restaurant has a set service guide that they teach to their employees, which establishes a rhythm with expected time frames for each step of service for every guest (greeting, taking drink orders, delivering drinks, ect.) Talking on your cell phone while being seated or while sitting at your table can disrupt this rhythm and make restaurant staff uncomfortable, and it's ultimately impolite and can affect the quality of the service that you receive.


Communication between guests and restaurant staff is extremely important. Your hostess or server wants to know what you need so that they can take care of you. You, as a guest, are seeking a leisurely dining experience in which you are treated with respect and hospitality. But don't forget the other side of the coin - your service is doing his or her job, conducting a business transaction with you and he or she also expects to be treated with respect at his or her place of employment.

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November 15, 2012

Silent Vibrate on IPhone Coming Soon

Apple has file a patent to help your vibrate mode on your phone be truly silent.

Here's the problem:

When you're on the phone and your phone is in vibrate mode, and it rings, the person on the other end of the conversation can hear the vibrate happening.

Here's Apple's solution:

Dubbed "Vibration In Portable Devices," a patent filed today with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office details an Apple invention in which that annoying sound can be monitored and reduced.

We're pretty darn spoiled in western society when this is a problem that needs addressing.

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May 07, 2011

Wirefly Droid 2 Coupon Code

Get the DROID 2 Global (a Motorola phone) at Wirefly's discount (plus get free shipping).

We've talked a lot already about the advantages of Wirefly's savings including their free shipping offers.

The purpose of this short post today is really just to remind you about Wirefly's free shipping and discount on the Droid 2.

The actual cost for the Droid is variable, so you'll have to go to Wirefly through the link to find out what the cost is, but you'll likely save quite a bit by getting the Droid through Wirefly's Coupon Code link.

Get the DROID 2 Global (a Motorola phone) at Wirefly's discount (plus get free shipping).

May 04, 2011

Jitterbug Cell Phones Review

Our review of Jitterbug Cell Phones from Greatcall

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As you've come to expect from, we really only review products and services that already are well tested and liked in the market, to either verify the other reviews and reviews, or de-bunk their claims as hype.

In the case of Jitterbug cell phones, our review is in-line with the market and is positive.

Jitterbug is one of the first cell phones designed with the idea of making the phone easy to use and fun. As cell phones get smaller and smaller, as well as more complex, there are many people who just want a simple way and a simple phone which lets them stay in touch. The Jitterbug has bigger buttons, a powerful speakerphone, and one button dialing (once programmed) which makes it really simple for even the newest (or most advanced in years) user of cell phones.

It really seems that almost everything about the Jitterbug is designed to make it simple, which is exactly what people buying the Jitterbug want from their cell phone.

In the box, you will find:
-A How-To-Guide
-The Jitterbug cell phone
-A Rechargeable Battery
-A Battery Charger (and from this review, the link will give you a free car charger for your Jitterbug as well)

The Jitterbug, which was designed by Samsung, has a large keypad for easy dialing, a strong speaker (which is enabled for speakerphone) which gives good sound, and you can access everything from the phone's screens with a really straightforward yes or no option.

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April 30, 2011

CellPhoneShop Review and Coupons

CellPhoneShop Coupon Code
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One thing that people really like about CellPhoneShop is that the company offers what they call their lowest price guarantee.

Essentially, this means that they review pricing around the Internet, and will match whatever price exists on a comparable item. If there is a lower price available when they are reviewing prices, they will reduce your order price an additional 10%.

You have to email CellPhoneShop to get the discount, but it's definitely worth it for them to get you the 10% extra discount.

We also found in our review that Cellphoneshop has pricing that is HIGHLY competitive. Of course, with a 10% policy like they have, they would have to be aggressive on how low they can price all of their cell phones and accessories.

And competitive they are.

The lowest price guarantee works for all prices on, as long as the pricing is on an exact model matching cell phone or other item which hasn't been used and is still in the new packaging.

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April 26, 2011

Greatcall Jitterbug Coupon

So long as you are getting a Jitterbug from Greatcall, you may as well use this coupon.

Coupon gets you a free car charger.
When you buy a Jitterbug Cell Phone from Greatcall,
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Greatcall is a cell phone store and company which was created around the idea that real people should have an easier time finding and buying cell phones.

Jitterbug is a cell phone created to help people make phone calls more easily.

Combine Jitterbug and Greatcall together, throw in a coupon for a free car charger, and you have an awesome coupon deal on a great product from Greatcall.

Positive things people have said when getting their Jitterbug through Greatcall include that they got the phone quickly and that it looks exactly like it does in the advertisements.

One person on Amazon said that they got a Jitterbug for their 91 year old mother because with macular degeneration and severe hearing loss, the Jitterbug has been a huge blessing because the earpiece volume lets her use the phone without having to remove her hearing aids, and without feedback, so long as she holds the phone away from her ear a little bit.

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April 21, 2011

How to call Ghana Cheap

Rebtel's coupon
Cheap calls to Ghana

It's not free, but you can make cheap calls to Ghana using Rebtel's discount code.

This includes mobiles and cell phones.

Rebtel is a company that has been offering people all kinds of unique ways to make cheap phone calls, and with this coupon, they've make phone calls to Ghana even cheaper.

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April 20, 2011 Coupons and Coupon Codes

CellPhoneShop Coupon Codes for

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If you are shopping for cheap cell phones, you might want to have a look at and They offer some incredible coupon codes throughout the year.

Here's one coupon from CellPhoneShop which doesn't require you to do much. All you have to do is make a purchase over $20. Once you do, and enter the coupon code, you'll get a 10% discount on whatever you buy.

Buying from CellPhoneShop can also be a good idea because of their lowest price guarantee.

We'll talk more about that at a later time, but it's safe to say that you will be pleased with the money you can save using coupons from

CellPhoneShop Coupon Code
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August 18, 2008

LG 600: Double Minutes on the LG 600

Just in time for the back to school rush, TracFone has released a new LG phone that also includes its popular 'Double Minutes for Life' promotion.

The LG 600 has all the standard features (like text messaging, voice mail, 3 way calling, etc.) but also has a VGA camera, Bluetooth capability, 32 pre-loaded ringtones, and even a flashlight. This is TracFone's second Bluetooth-enabled release this summer.

The phone is currently available for $79.99, including Double Minutes for Life (a $49.99 value) FREE.

Double Minutes means that you get one free minute for each minute purchased, for the life of this LG phone.

This package also qualifies for free ground shipping.

Get an LG 600 phone for $79.99 and receive double minutes for life!

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July 23, 2008

Cell Phones: How To Make Cheap International Calling Card Calls from a Cell Phone

These days, a cell phone is considered an indispensable part of a person's life. Today's modern world has made a cellular phone one of the most important modes of communication, and has forced most to accept the importance of a cell phone.

In addition to regular billing from whoever provides your cell service, calling cards can also be used to make calls from a cell phone. There are many different kinds of calling cards, including prepaid calling cards and international calling cards. If you are going to use a calling card on your cell phone, it's really our recommendation to use a low denomination (dollar-wise) calling card. This is because when you're using a calling card on your cell phone (depending on what time of day you call), it's almost like being double-billed, and purchasing a lower dollar amount on the card will make sure you don't talk too long while being "double-billed." These low denomination cards can be used while making a single phone call. There are several phone cards available in the US market that provide you, as the caller, with different rates, depending on what type of phone you are calling from. You should always purchase calling cards based on the type of phone call that you are about to make, because if you use (for example) a card designed to make inexpensive calls from a pay phone, and you use it on a cell phone, your time value of the card can be used up more quickly. Also, if you're using your US-Based Cell Phone, and traveling to, say, Mexico, and then attempting to use a calling card to make a call from your cell phone, it's important for you to know that calls coming from outside the US will almost always have higher rates because of international surcharges.

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March 14, 2008

Issues with Making International Phone Calls Abroad

Here's an email we received from an obviously frustrated individual.

Hey Maybe you can help me. Making International calls has always been an issue for me. I was born and raised in Europe so I make a lot of international calls back and forth to my family and friends. Over the past few years, making these calls has created a fair amount frustration and anger. While the cost of making these calls has come down, it has become harder and harder to make these calls. There are now so many options when choosing a company for the calls, and more often than not everyone is very competitive.

It has always been hard for me to make these calls. Over the years, here in the U.S. it has become more of a frustrating process for me to make international calls. In order to dial an international number, most companies require you to dial their 800 number first, then you must dial an extension or the number on your calling card (which can sometimes consist of as many as 20 numbers), and then finally you dial the desired number. Once you have done all this, sometimes your call may go through or it may fail. For me, more often than not, the call fails and doesn't work. Not to mention the fact that for me, international calls have become expensive.

Then, when it comes to my home line (you have probably experienced this too), there are many companies that call me on a daily basis, asking me if I am happy with my phone provider and if they can try to beat the price.

When I call the rates are usually between 10-15 Cents per minute. This may seem low to some people however these charges add you quickly and it become expensive before you know it! My monthly bill is usually between $150-$250 (depending on how much I talk) and this bill is just for international calls. In addition, I have a cell phone bill and a home phone bill. I am not rich by any means and I have a lot of trouble affording this type of service.

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March 12, 2008

Using A Rented Cell Phone In A Foreign Country

The first time that I went to a foreign country, away from my family, was when I was 13. I went on a class trip to Israel, and we needed to share a cell phone between 4 people.

Unfortunately, the window of time that we could communicate with our families was limited because we had activity-filled days, so there was a narrow band of time in which we could communicate home. As a result of the limited time, and because we were so busy, eventually all of us started to contact home less and less. However the cell phone that was rented in Israel (where we were) was a very good idea. It greatly improved my ability to contact my family, and was also significantly cheaper than calling on a pay phone and more accessible.

I would recommend to anyone going to a foreign country that they rent a cell phone if they want to contact anyone back home. Of course, the better option if you have a computer and an Internet connection is to get a service like Skype, and if you don't have a computer and Internet connection, then the best and most flexible option is to just get a virtual calling card from a company like

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March 10, 2008

Advantages of Using VoIP

We use VoIP to make international calls. (VoIP is composed of services like Vonage, Packet8, PCtoPhone, Skype, and others.) Whoever invented VoIp was a genius, and has created a life-saver for anyone traveling abroad. I am not originally from the United States. Even though I live here now, I am Asian, and most of my family and friends are all in the Philippines. I have relatives and friends in other countries too, especially around Europe.

I use my VoIP Phone service to call them. Amongst all the choices for International calling, I would recommend VoIP services because not only is calling through VoIP much less expensive, but the quality is good too! I say this while letting you know that I've used calling card and cell phone services for international calling as well, but I have really never been all that satisfied with the quality. Generally speaking, calling cards are almost always more expensive.

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March 09, 2008

Tips for Making International Calls While Traveling Abroad

If you are making international calls while traveling abroad, and you are making those calls regularly, then one of the best things you can do is to get a cell phone plan that will let you make international calls from the country where you are traveling to.

The best way to do this is to check with your cell phone provider to find out what it takes to add the country you are traveling to, and add that country in to the calling plan itself. As long as you stay under the minutes limit, this is one of the most cost-efficient ways I have found of making phone calls from another country while traveling.

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March 07, 2008

Choices Available to International Callers

There are many choices available to those who want to make international calls. While some of these options cost more than others, these options will all allow you to call friends, family, and business contacts overseas. GSM (or Global System for Mobile Communications) is one method for making calls internationally. Because of the GSM network, many cell phone owners are able to roam globally without switching phones or providers. Sometimes, roaming charges may apply and it is vital to choose a phone with the GSM logo on it showing that it is compatible with the system.

The advent of the internet phone, and many internet based phone services, has enabled people all over the globe to call each other for a low fee. Sometimes, the service is free.

This is especially true in cases

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April 30, 2007

Cellular Phone Wallpaper Is Now Available

You have heard your teenagers talking about downloading wallpaper (also known as screensavers) to their cellular phones. You know what it is or at least you thought you did. Today with the advent of technology, a whole new vocabulary has been created. The easy way to describe this is that mobile phone wallpaper for your mobile is the same as for your computer, only smaller. Now, you are really confused. Think of it as a screensaver-something pretty to look at when you are not using the display.

The use of wallpaper is very popular on the new phones that have the larger color displays. You can download and customize screen savers from literally hundreds of different web sites on the internet. The majority of sites that provide downloads do charge a monthly fee for this service. Be sure to check out the 'fine print' before downloading anything for your phone-you might end up paying an exorbitantly high monthly fee.

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