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Jitterbug Cell Phones Review

Our review of Jitterbug Cell Phones from Greatcall

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As you've come to expect from, we really only review products and services that already are well tested and liked in the market, to either verify the other reviews and reviews, or de-bunk their claims as hype.

In the case of Jitterbug cell phones, our review is in-line with the market and is positive.

Jitterbug is one of the first cell phones designed with the idea of making the phone easy to use and fun. As cell phones get smaller and smaller, as well as more complex, there are many people who just want a simple way and a simple phone which lets them stay in touch. The Jitterbug has bigger buttons, a powerful speakerphone, and one button dialing (once programmed) which makes it really simple for even the newest (or most advanced in years) user of cell phones.

It really seems that almost everything about the Jitterbug is designed to make it simple, which is exactly what people buying the Jitterbug want from their cell phone.

In the box, you will find:
-A How-To-Guide
-The Jitterbug cell phone
-A Rechargeable Battery
-A Battery Charger (and from this review, the link will give you a free car charger for your Jitterbug as well)

The Jitterbug, which was designed by Samsung, has a large keypad for easy dialing, a strong speaker (which is enabled for speakerphone) which gives good sound, and you can access everything from the phone's screens with a really straightforward yes or no option.

When you get the phone through Greatcall, dialing 0 will also connect you easily to an operator for GreatCall. And although we didn't personally experience this service, some people have given GreatCall's operators great reviews for their helpfulness.

If you're super talkative, the phone will last up to 3 hours on a full battery charge, but will go for up to 300 hours if you're not talking on it.

Positive points of the Jitterbug cell phone from Amazon reviews and our own review:
-the LED flashlight
-the panic button
-speed dialing by holding a number for 2 seconds
-large numbers on the keys and the screen (easy to see)
-the speaker saying the number back when the button is pressed

Review potential negative points of the Jitterbug cell phone:
-people seem to not like the radio. We do, but it is one feature too many in some reviewers eyes.
-connecting the lanyard to the phone can be a challenge for some people
-Only works with T-Mobile or AT&T services
-some reviews would like the phone itself to be larger, though we found the Jitterbug to be a good size, but we're not among the elderly.

Overall review:
When it comes to the Jitterbug cell phone, the positives significantly outweigh the negatives.

If you're looking for a good, easy to use cell phone, especially for someone who has had difficulty with other cell phones, the Jitterbug may be just what you're looking for.

--- Free car charger for your Jitterbug cell phone ---
If you decide to get a Jitterbug after reading this review
go through the coupon below for a free car charger:

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