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Greatcall Jitterbug Coupon

So long as you are getting a Jitterbug from Greatcall, you may as well use this coupon.

Coupon gets you a free car charger.
When you buy a Jitterbug Cell Phone from Greatcall,
this coupon will let you get a free car charger

Greatcall is a cell phone store and company which was created around the idea that real people should have an easier time finding and buying cell phones.

Jitterbug is a cell phone created to help people make phone calls more easily.

Combine Jitterbug and Greatcall together, throw in a coupon for a free car charger, and you have an awesome coupon deal on a great product from Greatcall.

Positive things people have said when getting their Jitterbug through Greatcall include that they got the phone quickly and that it looks exactly like it does in the advertisements.

One person on Amazon said that they got a Jitterbug for their 91 year old mother because with macular degeneration and severe hearing loss, the Jitterbug has been a huge blessing because the earpiece volume lets her use the phone without having to remove her hearing aids, and without feedback, so long as she holds the phone away from her ear a little bit.

A couple of features people ordering the Jitterbug from Greatcall have really liked are the LED flashlight and the built-in panic button, which can either be set to call 911, or pretty much any other number in case of an emergency.

Overall, people who get their Jitterbug really seem to like it, as the reviews are overwhelmingly potivie.

If you are looking to get a Jitterbug anyway, you may as well use this coupon from GreatCall and get yourself a car charger for your Jitterbug in the process of buying.

Check out the coupon through the link below.

Coupon gets you a free car charger.
When you buy a Jitterbug Cell Phone from Greatcall,
this coupon will let you get a free car charger

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