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Mozilla Announces Firefox OS and Firefox Smartphones!

Mozilla recently announced that consumers can expect the release of a Firefox phone, complete with Firefox operating system this summer. According to the Mozilla Project's press release, the OS will offer "the world's first Open Web devices," with applications based on HTML5. The proposed OS has so far received a large amount of industry support from companies who are eager for an alternative to a market dominated by only two forces: Android and iPhone.


Some consumers and developers have questioned why Mozilla would try and introduce another OS into a market that has pushed out everything but Android and iPhone. But just because that's how the market is doesn't mean that it's how it should be. A successful introduction by a reputable company could encourage healthy competition among industry leaders, resulting in better pricing and more options for consumers - all good things.

Early consumer trials of Firefox phones have led to an expression of concern over a possible lack of available apps, since there will be relatively few apps developed for a brand new platform. Mozilla's press release reassures consumers that apps are being developed for Firefox OS as we speak. Early Firefox phones have also been criticized as looking too much like iPhones and being slow.

Mozilla promises a better, more intuitive search experience through Firefox OS, and it will be interesting to see if they can work the kinks out!


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