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Stricter Enforcement Against Texting While Driving is Suggested

With the ability to quickly check facebook, text message, play games, surf the web and do countless other things, cell phones are becoming a bigger and bigger distraction to drivers.


The following statistics have come out about texting while driving:

-Texting while driving makes it 23% more likely that the driver will be involved in an accident.
-Answering a text message takes the driver's eyes off the road for approximately 5 seconds.
-Sending a text impairs a driver to the equivalence of having had 4 beers.

In Idaho, legislation already exists that bans everyone from texting while driving. In fact, texting while driving is subject to primary enforcement, meaning that a police officer can use texting for grounds to pull a driver over. Of the 39 states that have laws against text messaging, 35 of them are primary enforcement states.

Recently, AAA of Idaho proposed that further cell phone safety measures be implementing, pitching a ban on all cell phone use by drivers aged 18 and under. Also this week, delegate James Malone of Maryland proposed making all cell phone use a primary offense in the state for all drivers.

The website offers the following statistic from Carnegie Mellon:
"Driving while using a cell phone reduces the amount of brain activity associated with driving by 37%."

Legislators seem to want to crack down on distracted driving related to cell phone use. It will be interesting to hear the upcoming discourse on the topic.

Is it ever okay for drivers to use the phone behind the wheel? Is it okay to text at a stop light? What about using your phone as a GPS?

Feel free to leave a comment to share your opinion on the topic!


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