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Issues with Making International Phone Calls Abroad

Here's an email we received from an obviously frustrated individual.

Hey Maybe you can help me. Making International calls has always been an issue for me. I was born and raised in Europe so I make a lot of international calls back and forth to my family and friends. Over the past few years, making these calls has created a fair amount frustration and anger. While the cost of making these calls has come down, it has become harder and harder to make these calls. There are now so many options when choosing a company for the calls, and more often than not everyone is very competitive.

It has always been hard for me to make these calls. Over the years, here in the U.S. it has become more of a frustrating process for me to make international calls. In order to dial an international number, most companies require you to dial their 800 number first, then you must dial an extension or the number on your calling card (which can sometimes consist of as many as 20 numbers), and then finally you dial the desired number. Once you have done all this, sometimes your call may go through or it may fail. For me, more often than not, the call fails and doesn't work. Not to mention the fact that for me, international calls have become expensive.

Then, when it comes to my home line (you have probably experienced this too), there are many companies that call me on a daily basis, asking me if I am happy with my phone provider and if they can try to beat the price.

When I call the rates are usually between 10-15 Cents per minute. This may seem low to some people however these charges add you quickly and it become expensive before you know it! My monthly bill is usually between $150-$250 (depending on how much I talk) and this bill is just for international calls. In addition, I have a cell phone bill and a home phone bill. I am not rich by any means and I have a lot of trouble affording this type of service.

Calling Advice Recommendation:

Since you didn't tell us what country you are calling, it's hard for us to know what the best advice is that we can offer you.

However, generally speaking: If you have a high speed Internet connection, sign up for Skype. Get a SkypeOut account, buy a headset for your computer, and save yourself a LOT of money. If you do not have a high speed Internet connection, try a different calling card company.

At this time, we are recommending that you try out for calling cards.

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