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MCI World Traveler Card and Military Morale Calls: Best Calling Cards For Soldier Morale Building Calls

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Currently, the United States has deployed 145,000+ soldiers in Iraq.

Elsewhere in the world, an additional quarter of a million servicemen and servicewomen are doing what they need to do as part of their jobs.

Whether you are from the United States, or some other country in the world, it is apparent that military morale can often be boosted by having a great phone call with home.

A common saying is that there are only three true professions of pride in the world. One is of a teacher, the other of a doctor and the last one of a soldier.

It is very true indeed that the difficulties a soldier needs to conquer require exceptional bravery. Often, our brave soldiers are away from home serving their country. So, morale calls are provided especially for soldiers to keep in touch with their family and loved ones. Soldiers located on any base of the USA (be it in Iraq or Afghanistan or anywhere in the world) can make morale calls to their loved ones without having to fear expensive long distance costs. These morale calls can be done either on-base or off-base.

Morale calls are usually done through specialized calling cards available to the soldiers. The best calling cards for soldier morale calls are inexpensive for the soldiers living in extreme conditions, who need to keep in touch with their loved ones.

MCI World Traveler happens to be the best in terms of calling cards you would use in order to make soldier morale calls. The fact that MCI World Traveler is already widely used by soldiers is a testimony to it being among the best in terms of calling cards that are available for soldiers to use, at a discounted rate, for making morale calls. AT&T also offers calling cards for soldier morale calls, however, the calling cards offered by MCI World Traveler have no connection fee. One of the nice things about this card as well is that there are different options on the cost of the calling card, depending on what you need. MCI World Traveler enables a soldier to call back to the USA from more than 130 countries. Calls to the US from US military bases worldwide can be done at costs as low as 4.8 to 5.5 cents/minute (and in some cases lower than that. Calls made to and from Hawaii, Alaska, the Virgin Islands, Guam, and Puerto Rico are charged the same rates as if a soldier was calling from within the continental U.S.

Some other advantages:
- The billing of these calling cards is done by one minute rounding i.e. minute billing.
- All the network services are provided by the MCI World Traveler network (meaning all of the phone calls are actually carried over lines that are owned by MCI itself.

To obtain an MCI World Traveler calling card is very easy. All it requires is that you have a subscription along with an authentication code (a PIN (personal identification number)),for the calling card to be sent into your inbox (or to your residence through postal mail). Of course, yo could go down to the local Wal-Mart or other superstore and buy a card to physically send to your soldier, but we've talked in other articles on this site why that is pretty expensive to do (the store has to get their cut somehow). The recommendations sway towards purchasing a calling card online, because of the benefits that come attached with it (cheaper rates, possible to send via email, etc.).

So, calling with the MCI World Traveler will provide you (and your soldier) one of the cheapest rates available for these types of calls, and when you're talking with a loved one overseas, you really want the best in quality in terms of the call connection. So, the MCI World Traveler really is a card that we would recommend to you.

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