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5 Annoying Things About The Home Based (VOIP) Business Opportunity a Friend Tried To Have Me Join

Yesterday, I told you that a friend of mine recently emailed me to ask if I would look at a VOIP business opportunity, and that being the open person that I try to be, I went and checked it out for him.

Remember, you, as an end user, download the dialer to your computer, and it lets you make free calls to anyone via VOIP from your computer (to a Land Line or to another computer which has the software on it).

The company (which will remain nameless for purposes of this article), generates their revenue by running ads in their player while you're on your call.

At first, this seemed like a good idea, but let's investigate a little closer.

Some things I always look at when evaluating a company (which comes from the Harvard Business School) are Company, Need in the Marketplace, Product, Compensation, Competition, and Timing.

In this case, the company appears to be a couple of small start-ups that merged and decided they could make some money. This might be good, but the company has no real track record.

As far as the product they offer, and the need in the marketplace for their kind of product/service, the marketplace needs another way to make calls from your computer about like it needs another type of toothbrush (hint: it doesn't).

When it comes to the compensation, how you get paid is extremely vague in the up-front presentation. It could be good, but it's all based on hypotheticals, and doesn't really give you anything concrete.

When it comes to this kind of service, the competition includes Skype, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, AOL Messenger, Flashtalk, and about 180 other companies which have dialers that offer more service.

And finally, when it comes to the timing of this service, this is really a great idea. Don't you think it's a good idea to be able to make phone calls from your computer? It's why Google, MSN, Skype, and Yahoo, all did it with their versions 5 years ago.

Make sure you evaluate what you're looking at with an open mind, but also, make sure you're asking good questions. This will help you determine if something can help you make money, save money, or just be a waste of money, and (more importantly,) time.

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