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3 Weird New Apps

For Hard-Core Bieber Fans:

If you've ever wanted to wake up with Justin Bieber, this new app might be for you. This alarm app allows the user to select a Bieber song from their existing library to play as a wake-up alarm. The user is then prompted to tweet about his or her dream with the twitter hashtag #unlockthedream. The app is a marketing vehicle for Bieber's new fragrance, "The Key." The sultry television commercial promoting the new fragrance also promotes the #unlockthedream hastag. To get this free app, go to Google Play and type something like, "The Key Bieber."

For The VERY Easily Amused:

Are you a sucker for dumb cell phone games? Does your phone have Gorilla Glass? Yeah? Then this app might be for you.

The Send Me To Heaven app, by Norwegian developer CarrotPop, is basically a game to see how high into the air you can throw your phone. The app is based on a fact that you've probably never even wondered about - that most phones have an accelerometer in them. When you toss your phone into the air, the SMTH app measure the time in which your phone is in free fall. You get points for your tosses.

This app has so far become ridiculously popular, with competitions taking place and some folks inventing special slingshots to send their phones rocketing into the air. The app is available free for Android on Google Play, where the developers make a disclaimer that they are not responsible for damages to users' phones. They also ask that users are careful not to injure others. While there is no number currently available suggesting how many users have broken phones playing SMTH so far, it will be interesting to see how many broken phones will be attributed to the app in the near future. There is no SMTH app for iPhone because Apple does not endorse apps that will, in all likelihood, cause irreparable damage to the device.

For REALLY Hungry People:

Restaurant and take-out portions in the United States are ridiculously huge. The CDC even has a section of their website dedicated to mindfulness of large portions. As someone who has worked in many different restaurants, I can tell you that people will eat ALL of whatever you pile on their plate, no matter how big it is, and then they'll ask for dessert. The LeftOverSwap app encourages users to stop eating when they're full. It lets you take a photo of your leftovers and share it through the app. Hungry neighbors can search through the leftovers posted in their neighborhood and then contact the user when they find something that looks tasty.


At first it seems gross to think about strangers sharing half-eaten food, but there are some solid ideas behind LeftOverSwap. The goal of the app is to help eliminate food waste on a small scale. LOS is supposed to help create a sense of community. It may also help some users lose weight by encouraging them to give away the rest of their meal rather than eating it when they're already full.

The app's website uses the tagline, "With LeftoverSwap, there's less waste and fewer people picking through dumpsters: a win-win."

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