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Textastrophe Will Make You Rethink Your Craigslist Ad

I've always thought that posting your phone number online is a really bad idea. Putting your digits up publicly is a really way to get creeped on, or to get yourself solicited to at all hours of the day by telemarketers. In case you needed one more reason to keep your number private, textastrophe is that reason.

The creator of the website textastrophe, who remains anonymous, takes numbers off of Craigslist ads and fliers and prank-texts their unwitting owners. He posts screenshots of the resulting hilarious and awkward conversations on the textastrophe blog.

The humor is random, irreverant, and in some cases fairly inappropriate and creepy, but it sure is entertaining to look through the archives. The mystery pranker messes with everyone from pet sitters to professional clowns.

Some of the prank victims seem to think it's funny, or that their friend is messing with them, and some get really irritated or alarmed.


Absolutely no-one seems to guess that a random person is trolling them from behind a smiling cell phone at the end of a rainbow. And who would ever guess that? It's the perfect prank.

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