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Advantages of Using VoIP

We use VoIP to make international calls. (VoIP is composed of services like Vonage, Packet8, PCtoPhone, Skype, and others.) Whoever invented VoIp was a genius, and has created a life-saver for anyone traveling abroad. I am not originally from the United States. Even though I live here now, I am Asian, and most of my family and friends are all in the Philippines. I have relatives and friends in other countries too, especially around Europe.

I use my VoIP Phone service to call them. Amongst all the choices for International calling, I would recommend VoIP services because not only is calling through VoIP much less expensive, but the quality is good too! I say this while letting you know that I've used calling card and cell phone services for international calling as well, but I have really never been all that satisfied with the quality. Generally speaking, calling cards are almost always more expensive.

Before I signed up with my current VoIP service, I used this calling card for calling the United States when I was still in the Philippines. It wasn't that expensive, but I would have to dial 4 times to finally connect and talk to someone. Then, they always had this automated message that you would have to listen through, and wait while the whole message played, then follow some instructions, then listen some more, then follow more instructions, and then you would finally be able to connect. It was a hassle!

So what are the downsides to using VoIP? Well, since it is Voice Over Internet Protocol, it doesn't always work perfectly, depending on Internet traffic and what kind of connection I'm getting. However, I don't really worry about it because for the low monthly payment I am paying, I think I am getting the service I am paying for and more, and any other option for International calling has not been good just as frequently as my VoIP service.

I would rather pay cheaply and have problems sometimes than pay a fortune for a mobile phone or other calling card service that sucks! The one caveat to this is that VoIP services don't work well where you can't get an Internet connection. So, if you are going to be traveling to a place where you can't get an Internet connection, I would recommend getting a calling card, and some of the best ones I have found so far are through, you can receive $5 in free calls, and get 15% discount. All you have to do is use the Pingo coupon code "s4i"

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