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Cheap Ways to Keep in Touch While Traveling

Are you feeling lost with the growing distance that has suddenly cropped up between you and your beloved as he or she is away from you for some professional or other travel purpose?

Well, there is no need to worry.

If you don't already know, advancements in the telecommunications industry have created some amazingly cheap ways for people to keep in touch while traveling, no matter where they are in the world. We talk a lot on CallingAdvice about Skype, but there are lots of people who are still using calling cards, which are still a much cheaper, more innovative, and easier way to keep in touch with those special souls you love, than just picking up the phone from wherever you are and dialing.

Calling cards (in case you've never used one) are a kind of telecommunications credit card. If you've never used one, you should know that they are used by people worldwide to pay for phone calls. However, there are many varieties of calling cards available. Some examples would be prepaid calling cards (for all kinds of calls), country-specific calling cards, bill-me-later calling cards, international calling cards, and so on.

Prepaid calling cards can be for any type of phone call (local, national, international), and they are basically cards where you pay a certain amount and you will get your long distance calls paid for in advance. The main advantage of prepaid calling cards is that they neither have any monthly payments nor any roaming-on-net charges.

Prepaid calling cards generally offer you the lowest calling rates and let you stay connected to your loved ones.

However you must note that calling cards can have a hidden agenda. As we've written before, with calling cards, there are a variety of additional fees associated.

There is usually a connection cost involved every time you make a new call. The charge varies depending on different factors. One factor might be the country that you are making a call to, another factor could be whether or not the person receiving the call is talking on a cell phone. Your decision of choosing a particular calling card should always be based on your calling rate calculations. So, figure out what kinds of calls you are going to be making before buying a calling card. One other significant factor that you must bear in mind is that calling cards almost always have expiration dates. So opt for calling cards where the expiration date will allow you enough time to use your entire purchased amount before the card runs out.

Additional features:
There are some calling cards which provide you with additional features like SMS or Web call back, SMS refill service, prepaid conference calls, permanent PIN, toll-free numbers (for someone to be able to call you, using the value of your calling card), speed dial (you set a certain phone number, and then you just connect to the calling card company and press 2) and so on. However, the benefits of these additional features might vary from person to person, so you need not waste your time unnecessarily if you just need to call up your family members and friends. Make sure to choose the phone card company that you want to use based on their services, and not just on the basis of the marketing pitch they're throwing at you.

Our recommendations:

If you will have access to high speed Internet and you are fairly comfortable using a computer, get Skype, buy SkypeOut credit, and get a SkypeIn phone number. (At present, this whole thing will cost you less than $60/year for basically unlimited calling.) You can save money on this by going to

If you don't have access to a computer, or would just like to be able to use the regular phone without having to find an Internet connection, visit SpeedyPin for your phone cards. Aside from some of the best rates, they also have awesome customer service.

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