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Cell Phones: How To Make Cheap International Calling Card Calls from a Cell Phone

These days, a cell phone is considered an indispensable part of a person's life. Today's modern world has made a cellular phone one of the most important modes of communication, and has forced most to accept the importance of a cell phone.

In addition to regular billing from whoever provides your cell service, calling cards can also be used to make calls from a cell phone. There are many different kinds of calling cards, including prepaid calling cards and international calling cards. If you are going to use a calling card on your cell phone, it's really our recommendation to use a low denomination (dollar-wise) calling card. This is because when you're using a calling card on your cell phone (depending on what time of day you call), it's almost like being double-billed, and purchasing a lower dollar amount on the card will make sure you don't talk too long while being "double-billed." These low denomination cards can be used while making a single phone call. There are several phone cards available in the US market that provide you, as the caller, with different rates, depending on what type of phone you are calling from. You should always purchase calling cards based on the type of phone call that you are about to make, because if you use (for example) a card designed to make inexpensive calls from a pay phone, and you use it on a cell phone, your time value of the card can be used up more quickly. Also, if you're using your US-Based Cell Phone, and traveling to, say, Mexico, and then attempting to use a calling card to make a call from your cell phone, it's important for you to know that calls coming from outside the US will almost always have higher rates because of international surcharges.

Because the various cell phone service providers in the US charge a lot for international calls that are directly dialed from cellular phones, the US cellular market is literally flooded with cheap international cell phone cards. (Anyone who's ever been stuck with a large cell phone bill because they made a lot of calls from their cell phone to an international location knows how painful it can be and how much the providers actually can charge on a per minute basis.)

So, if you're looking for a company that offers inexpensive rates on cellular calling cards, we really like Tel3 Advantage. Tel3 sells cheap international calling cards that offer you the ability to speed dial all the numbers that you might want to call. An international call can be done by dialing just a couple of numbers, which is kind of a nifty feature. They also have high quality connections, and Tel3Advantage offers some of the overall lowest rates available.

Another option that helps to make cheap international calls from a cell phone possible is Send Global. Like Tel3Advantage, Send Global is a company that offers prepaid calling plans and a free trial period during which you will be able to make calling card calls from your cell phone at no cost to you. Click here to find out more about Send Global's free trial.

We no longer recommend SendGlobal due to a highly negative experience with their company (which we believe will be your experience as well). We recommend you check out Tel3Advantage instead.

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