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How To Make Money With Calling Card Affiliate Programs

Before actually going into how you can make money with calling card affiliate programs, it would be a good idea, just so everyone's on the same page, to increase your knowledge about what a calling card affiliate program is all about.

Generally speaking, an affiliate program is run by the company selling calling cards (or sometimes a third party). When you become an affiliate, you earn a commission by selling the company's calling cards and/or other products through your web site.

The company gives you a link after you sign up, and you put that link on your web site. When someone clicks the link from your web site, they are sent to the calling card company's web site and are tracked as your referral. When they buy something on the calling card company's web site, you make a commission.

Although this happens to be the basic idea of any affiliate program, there are many modifications seen in several affiliate programs, including programs within the calling card industry, which can make affiliate marketing calling cards and calling products a more lucrative business.

Making money with a calling card affiliate programs is as simple as explained above. But, it can be even simpler. There are few programs, like the Speedypin affiliate program, that offer you a commission every time someone renews their calling card, or gets a new calling card, from this program.

This is known as residual commission.

With Speedypin, calling card affiliates also earn commission on referring new affiliates. This means that anyone who signs up to the affiliate program through you (and subsequently makes sales through their web site(s) will be indirectly increasing your income from the program.

With some calling card affiliate programs, there can be an initial investment to get started. (You see this A LOT in network marketing.) But there are also many calling card companies which have affiliate programs that don't cost anything to join.

Some examples of these would be Commission River (formerly Cognigen),, and of course, SpeedyPin.

Generally speaking, the commission structure of calling card affiliate programs will only allow you to earn small commissions on individual sales (with recurring residuals on the backend), rather than massive profits upfront. Obviously, this won't make you rich overnight, but if you're willing to put a little time and effort put in, signing up for a calling card affiliate program may could really turn into money making machine for you. The initial set up requires some work, but once you get things going, these affiliate programs will earn you cash for work you did only once (talk about passive income)!

So, if this interests you, your action steps are as follows:

1. Click here to sign up for SpeedyPin's affiliate program.
2. Get to understand the basics of Internet marketing. One great place to do this is by getting the free report on online money making methods at

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